Education at the Heart of Hull House


Learn about the rich history of the Hull family and their role in shaping the local community!   Student field trips to the Hull Family Home & Farmstead are being scheduled from May through October.  Currently, we offer interactive lessons which align with the New York State Social Studies Framework for Grades 4 and 7.   We can also work with you to develop a trip tailored to your specific needs and interests.  

There will be a $100 per classroom fee for half-day field trips (approximately 2 hours) and $200 per classroom fee for extended-day field trips (approximately 4 hours).  We request that there be a 1:10 adult-to-child ratio for supervision purposes.  Please note that due to its historic nature, the Hull House is not handicapped accessible on all floors. 

For more information, please contact Suzanne Jacobs, Education Director at (716) 681-5494

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