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Historic Hull House Gets Happy New Owner by Gary N. Costello

posted Apr 23, 2012, 11:36 AM by Pamela Davison

The Patriot, Volume 5, Issue 1  – January 2011

Anyone following the restoration of the historic c1810 Hull house for the past few years probably knows that the Hull House Foundation was formed in 2006.  But they may not know that the title to the property remained with the Landmark Society of the Niagara  Frontier – presently known as Preservation Buffalo Niagara (PBN) – until just  2 months ago.

Last October the title to Hull house, along with title to 3 additional adjoining properties acquired over the past seven years, were all newly filed at the Erie County Clerk's Office – thereby officially transferring ownership to the Hull House Foundation.  The process to accomplish this was set in motion several years ago, when the Hull House    Foundation initiated the action to release PBN of all responsibility for the restoration project as well as all ongoing oversight of the development of the Hull Family Home & Farmstead.

While a formal vote was taken by the PBN membership in May of 2009 to take this step – a vote that     resulted in unanimous    approval to do so – several details had to be worked out before the transfer could be consummated.  Several grants from the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation had been awarded the Landmark Society (PBN), dating as far back as 2004, to help with the acquisition of 3 of the 4 properties involved.  Since those grants had not been fully 'paid out' or 'closed' until 2010 – officially the titles for the properties had to remain with the Landmark Society.

Also, PBN was legally bound to request and     receive approval from New York State to transfer these properties – properties that represented a significant portion of their total assets.  That permission was granted on July 21, 2010, thus setting the stage for the final transfer, which took place on October 15, 2010.  

Much to the delight of all present, the successful completion of this long process was formally announced at the eighth    annual Hull House American Harvest Fundraiser Dinner at the Brookfield Country Club on Friday, October 22, 2010.  Adding to the festive mood was a toast of champagne (generously donated by Trustee Jeff Stravino) and delivered by none other than Warren Hull himself (portrayed by long time supporter Brian La Tulip):

“To two centuries of History in Western New York; to the legacy of the Hull family; to heritage tourism; to Preservation Buffalo Niagara, the Hull House Foundation and its wonderful Development team – on this momentous   occasion of the changing of the guard – to a new beginning at the Hull Family Home & Farmstead and to another 200 years of history yet to come.”


The Hull House Foundation Board of Trustees and the entire development team are very happy to be the new owners of the Hull house, and are excited to finally be fully 'on our own.'  We embrace the challenges that face us as we endeavor to advance the plans to develop the Hull Family Home & Farmstead into a unique historic interpretive site for the Western New York region.