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Addition - Subtraction by Gary N. Costello

posted Apr 23, 2012, 11:16 AM by Pamela Davison

The Patriot, Volume 2, Issue3  – September 2008

It’s Gone!  To almost no ones chagrin the long awaited removal of the period ‘in-correct’ addition at the east end of Hull House has been accomplished.  Thus, this historic home has taken a giant leap backwards towards its original appearance of almost 200 years ago.

This structure, believed to have been added to the house in the third quarter of the nineteenth century, was out of keeping with the interpretive period for the site, which has been established as the first quarter of that century.  The original portion of the addition, roughly 12’X12’, was later moved away from the house and another newer section of similar size was built between it and the main house.  It was only recently learned that this change came as late as the 1960’s. 

Some of the earlier roof rafters (round timbers), and the top plates (large hand hewn beams) were carefully removed and saved for possible use in another structure to be built on site.  Also, saved was the rare chestnut wood flooring from one of the rooms.

The removal of the addition was facilitated by the Foundation’s acquisition last fall of the Victorian home to the west of Hull House.  This building now serves as Foundation headquarters and provides for all the needed back office functions previously performed in the now removed addition, plus more.

 With the east end wall of the house once again exposed and the ground floor beneath the addition now accessible,  further study by our, architects, architectural historians, and archaeologists is sure to reveal more interesting facts about the house and its history.