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Grand Vision

We have some work to be done.

The Heritage Destination:
  The c.1810 Hull family house and property will be restored to reflect the Hull family’s occupation of the home and farm from 1815 to 1825 and operated as an educational historic resource open to the public to interpret pioneer life. In providing access to this important historic and architectural resource, we contribute to the public’s understanding and appreciation of the earliest settlement of Western New York. This vision includes the fully restored Federal style house and representative farm with outbuildings, family cemetery and restored barn. This will further enhance the Buffalo Niagara region’s outstanding reputation as a heritage tourism destination.

Cemetery Restoration:
  Full restoration of the Hull family cemetery is intended. Graves and gravestones are being located, restored or reconstructed. Every consideration is given to the sanctity of this site as it is the known burial place of numerous members of the Hull family and of two Revolutionary War veterans. Proper landscaping, paths and fences will be added.

Native American Cultural Interpretive Site:
  There is no doubt that Western New York’s earliest white settlers had occasion to relate to and to interact with those Native Americans known to inhabit this region. The Hull Family Home & Farmstead heritage site offers a magnificent and truly unique opportunity to interpret the Native American culture of this region directly alongside the presentation of white pioneer life. It is hoped that this effort would be undertaken with the full involvement of the local Native American community.

Visitors Center:
To support present day programs and interpretive needs, visitor and back office functions, exhibit areas, meeting rooms, archival storage and lavatories, a visitors’center will be developed on-site. The center will be designed to architecturally complement the Hull House style and will be placed so as to be minimally intrusive in the landscape and view shed that we strive to preserve.

Autumn 2007 saw the beginning of our first annual membership drive. We have guided hundreds of visitors through the house in the past few years. Visitors are excited about the progress to date and wish to become a part of the development of this rare site. It is truly an experience to follow the progress and growth, and to witness the relighting of the warmth this home has shared with so many.

We invite the public to visit us as work progresses and to share in this experience of discovery as we learn more about life on the Western New York frontier and this fascinating pioneer family.